1 blouse 10 dresses! Oh my!

So. I was feeling a bit sad the other day and was left unattended with a computer and a credit card. My feeling blue was already a bad start and my ridiculous credit card limit along side the endless shops online is just a disaster waiting to happen. And it did, oh boy it did.
After a couple of hours looking at a few sites I ended up checking out with 1 blouse and 10 dresses from one store. Keep in mind this was after I went through my all items and took things out. I still ended up with 11 items. I can’t even remember how many I started with. :/ What really had me questioning this purchase (after, I still bought it all regardless) is that it’s fall, and winter is around the corner but for some reason I just HAD to get 10 dresses, 10! I don’t even wear dresses that often so the 10 I just bought is actually doubling what I already have.
My package came in yesterday and I’m still in shock that I did this. It’s quite embarrassing that I lack that much self control. I really need someone to be responsible for my finances when I’m upset because today it’s 10 dresses but tomorrow I may just buy a car. And that would be bad, very very bad.
On the plus side, my dresses are all very cute! Yay new wardrobe!



~ by jeanineandgabbie on October 13, 2010.

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  1. ghost ride that whip

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