L.A Flea Market

This Sunday will be the 1st Annual L.A Flea Market at Dodger Stadium. We are so excited for it to finally be here because A- Flea Markets are so much fun. You get to find all these things you wouldn’t normally find and they are all in one HUGE location. And B- which is the most important reason, Dollhouse Republic is going to have a booth set up with all the awesome merchandise!
The event is from 9am-5pm this Sunday and its $5 to get in. There are going to be tons of vendors selling all kinds of items. And they are also having delicious food vendors! Sushi, Indian, shaved ice, anything out of the normal will be there. Yumm!!
Check out the L.A Flea Market here, you know you want to click it. 😉

We can’t wait for Sunday! All the shopping and eating and Dollhouse Republic! We are too stoked! We hope lots of people come by and visit. 🙂

jeanine & gabbie


~ by jeanineandgabbie on July 15, 2010.

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