Feeling all Brand New

One of my favorite bands is Brand New, I’ve liked them for so long & know pretty much every single song. I went to my first Brand New concert in 2007 & have not missed an L.A show since then. A total of three, they don’t come very often. Which makes me sad but its something I’ve come to accept. Like my credit card statement every month.
Each time I’ve gone has been special. The first time my sister & I went with one of my ex boyfriends from high school. The second time was Jeanine & I. It was so much fun bc we had a shoot at the beach then drove to her place in West Hollywood. I remembered they were playing at The Troubadour, down the street, so we walked & tried everything to get in & failed. I had no tickets. (small venue, sold out instantly!) We finally walked around back into the alley, met a guy & got in through the back. Slightly on the dangerous side but it was so much fun! Even though we were only able to catch 6 song. The last time I saw them was late last year with my sister again. For a moment I thought I was a rocker & made my way to the very front & got thrown around like a rag doll! I almost lost my left Chuck it was so bad. Took about 20 minutes to make my way out of the glorious moshing & thankfully in one piece. I will never do that again. Each time was great & I loved it.

My favorite part of Limousine at my first show.



~ by jeanineandgabbie on June 29, 2010.

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