A fight does not mean a break-up

Fights with your partner will happen. Pretty often too. But every fight does not mean the end of your relationship or even the possibility of it ending. It’s two people who are upset just venting to each other with the hope that doing so the issue will be resolved and both feeling better.

It doesn’t have to be crazy, over the top dramatic, moving your stuff out of the house and changing your ‘status’ on Facebook (gasp!).

Things you should remember when fighting are:

I. Fight nice. Don’t say things or do things that are going to come back to haunt you once the fight is over. Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will always be remembered. So if remember once you say something be prepared to deal with it later.

II. Act mature. If you know your partner needs you to pick up groceries, don’t just blow it off because you’re fighting. You both still need to eat so do it. It does not help the situation one bit to act childish.

III. Don’t do things merely out of spite. You don’t want to go out and hook-up with a random person, they definitely don’t want you to go out and hook-up with a random person, so DON’T go out and hook-up with a random person because you’re mad and fighting. It won’t end well. And that works with a lot of things. Like, saying you want to break up, or not go to the wedding or graduation. No one wants this so don’t do it.

So. Fighting doesn’t mean breaking up.
Unless you actually break up, which happens, sometimes. But we should all learn how to fight nice so that breaking up doesn’t have to happen.


~ by jeanineandgabbie on May 10, 2010.

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