Earth Day DIY

As a girl, I have a million bobby pins that I lose, find, use, buy and throw out on a regular bases.
And since today is Earth Day those little bobby pins gave me an idea for a tiny and cute DIY project for everyone.
Continuous wear with some bobby pins causes the plastic cover on their tips to fall off. Once this happens we threw the bobby pin out because we don’t want to use it in our hair since it stabs our skull and it’s pretty sharp. Also after having them for a while their color begins to fade. No one wants a black bobby pin with silver portions in their hair when it’s not suppose to be.
So instead of throwing them out when these things happen, and we all know it does, try this easy DIY project.

What You Need:
Bobby pins that you were going to throw out
Nail polish (any colors that you like)

Now that you’ve gathered up all your silver spotted and missing plastic tipped bobby pins grab the nail polish. You’re going to place a drop of polish on the tip that’s missing. If you just want to fix the bobby pin choose a dark color. Like deep purple or black if you have it. Once it dries you’ll have the tip covered and will be able to use it again without the stabbing and the bobby pin is good as new!
If the color is rubbing off you can use the nail polish to decorate it any way you’d like.

This is the one I made.

Plastic end is off and about to go into trash.

Photobucket Photobucket
Yay! The ends are all better now. It’s saved from the scary trash.

Photobucket Photobucket
End product!

Not only is my bobby pin is useful again but it’s much cuter now. 🙂

I know that a bobby pin isn’t a huge deal and can’t save the Earth but it’s less trash that will be ending up in a landfill somewhere. Every little thing we do helps. Don’t forget to recycle, reduce and reuse. Weather it be bobby pins, clothing or cans. We should all try to do our part.

Happy Earth Day!


~ by jeanineandgabbie on April 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Earth Day DIY”

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  2. This post is beyond awesome. I am always wondering what to do and what not to do so I will follow some of these tips.

  3. It’s your discovery, good job!

  4. Hi, I am new here.

  5. I think this is what I need

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