Girl and Boy: Boy goes to Coachella

Boy is leaving to Coachella. Boy bought tickets before he and Girl started going out, so she isn’t going. Girl doesn’t feel too confident about having Boy leave for so long this early in the relationship. But Girl really likes Boy so she’s going to have to trust him. Here it goes!

Before Day 1: Girl and Boy were going to hangout before Boy left but Girl made plans with friends and Boy needed to get things ready. So they can’t.
Day 1: Boy left in the morning. Girl was at work. Boy and Girl text throughout the day. Everything is good and normal. Its like he didn’t go anywhere.
Day 2: First day of the festival. Boy texts Girl twice. Girl is kinda bummed out and is missing Boy. Wonders how things are going.
Day 3: Girl has been thinking about Boy. Mostly because Boy hasn’t called or texted her. Girl goes to her friends BBQ 7& has a lot of fun. Boy finally sends her a text in the evening. Girls feels relieved.
Day 4: Boy texts Girl all day. Girl feels so happy because 1. He is texting her and 2. He is coming home tomorrow. Girl is wondering why he is messaging her now and he wasn’t the rest of the weekend.

Tomorrow is the big day. 5 days without each other and their relationship has only been 23 days long.
Girl misses Boy.


~ by jeanineandgabbie on April 18, 2010.

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