Dating a Princess 101

So. I’ll be the first to admit that going out with a ‘princess’ isn’t very easy, and depending who you ask, I might be thrown into the princess category. Which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. To me being a princess is knowing what you want, not tolerating anything less then what has been set in your mind, wanting the very best and striving for it and of course feeling confident, beautiful and amazing! Like a princess would. 🙂

So boys here are some helpful hints to winning over a ‘princess’ or if you’re lucky enough to have one already, to keep her smiling. Because she may be a princess but she’ll treat you like her prince if you deserve it.

I. Be a gentleman. Always Always Always! I know it’s 2010 and most guys think chivalry is outdated but newsflash, it isn’t. It’s so so soooo important!!
We like getting picked up for dates, not meeting you there, or picking you up. Don’t get me wrong we will, but we would rather you pick us up. Oh, and when I say pick us up, I mean park your car and come up to our door and knock too. DO NOT, under any circumstances honk your horn for us to come out. That is the worst thing ever and will definitely be the first and last date.
Pay for the date. Especially if it’s the first date. Most of us, the nice ones, will offer to pay or help pay but don’t let us on the first date. It makes you look not so good and kinda cheap. Sorry.
We also like little things. Like opening our doors (car, establishments), pulling out our chair, walking on the outside of us on the street. They aren’t deal breakers but they are nice and most of us do notice them and appreciate them.

II. Random acts of love. All girls like surprises and knowing they are loved, and being thought about. The smallest most minimal thing will make us happy. A flower you stole from a garden on your way to see us, our favorite bag of chips if we are having a movie night, a text in the middle of the day telling us how happy we make you or beautiful we are, little something, anything really, that you saw and just made you think of us, loving notes. We’ll think it’s thoughtful and romantic. And you don’t have to do it all the time, a random act of love is much more special than roses on Valentines Day when we all expect it.

III. Pay Attention. We tend to do a lot of talking and I know sometimes it’s a job in itself to listen to us but please do try. We don’t just talk to hear ourselves. We want to build a relationship with you and talking is a way for us to get to know each other and build this connection. It also shows you’re taking an interest in what goes on in our lives. We want you to be involved. Not listening or showing interest will just make us feel brushed off and we won’t want to purse things.

IV. Take care of her. If we’re sick ask us how we are or bring us soup. If we get a flat tire, come get us. On days that we are stressed or overloaded help us out by picking up lunch or dinner for us. Help us brainstorm ideas for work. MASSAGES!

V. Playfulness. We may love fashion and make-up and everything girly but we LOVE to play around. We want to play with you and act silly. You’re dating us but we don’t want things to be serious all the time. Life is serious enough. Being with you should have tons of fun and silly and exciting moments. Besides, playing is fun and we love it.

VI. And of course, Presents! I mean who doesn’t like gifts? No one, that’s who. 🙂

Just a few ideas guys. If she feels appreciated she will make sure you do too. I can guarantee it. And in case you all didn’t already know, we are ALL princesses. Good Luck! 🙂



~ by jeanineandgabbie on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “Dating a Princess 101”

  1. Am in total agreement with you. Am a princess, too.

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