Hike to The Giving Tree

So. I’ve been wanting to go on a hike for some time now. I’m not particularly outdoorsy, some might say I’m the complete opposite. But nonetheless I wanted to go and I do what I want! haha.
I took my baby sister out of school early, (I know, terrible sister & example) so she could come with me & my other sister on the hike.
I found this cute little hike/scavenger hunt. I found it on the Hidden Los Angeles site. It was really cute to do with my sisters. Since one is out at college & was only here on spring break it was a nice & fun thing to do while she was here.
So. The point of the hike is that it leads you to the ‘Giving Tree’, most of us remember the book, & when you get to the tree there’s a red box & a hole in it where you can write a little note & leave it in the ‘Giving Tree’.

The trail wasn’t too long. When we got there we had a picnic & then all wrote little notes & put them in the tree. It was really cute & we all had a lot of fun.

Here are some pictures we took & the directions to the hike. Enjoy & maybe you’ll take your own hike to the Giving Tree.

1. Off of Franklin turn left on Canyon Rd. or right depending on which way you come from….
2. Follow Canyon Rd. until you reach the gates to Griffith Park. Keep driving until you can’t drive any further…
3. Start walking the trail…
4. You are on the right track when you pass the dragon on the right. Kudos to the artist…
5. Keep on past the potential kickball field on the right…
6. Ahead you will see a small brook…I don’t recommend drinking the water.
7. Follow the path as it winds around…if you look up you will see the Hollywood sign…admire.
8. Keep walking but go slow because the view is quite pretty.
9. The trail seems open at this point but keep going… just as you go around another corner on the right, on the side of the cliffs edge you will see a tree…the branches are overgrown and touch the trails path. Look for the red box and you have reached “The Giving Tree”…
10. Give it your thoughts and prayers or anything laying heavy on your heart.


(my note is the purple one)



~ by jeanineandgabbie on March 28, 2010.

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