Inspirations all around me

I’ve been so inspired lately it’s kinda weird.
It’s as if everywhere I look I see potential in something. The colors outside, buildings, songs, fabric, etc. I saw a pair of shoes and I immediately had an outfit for them and once I had the outfit I had a concept for a photo shoot so I email Jeanine about it and she loves it! It was so great.
I’m trying to break all these ideas down and organize them. Seems like my mind is going a mile a minute and one idea breaks off into another and another.
I love the phase I’m in right now. I don’t really know what it is that’s triggering this but I love it. I can’t wait for Jeanine and I to get started on things! It’s going to be awesome!!



~ by jeanineandgabbie on February 4, 2010.

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