grammys 2010

Hey there!
Jeanine here, with my Grammys 2010 best and worst dressed.
I wasn’t that impressed with the red carpet this year, but on the upside there wasn’t that much ugliness..
I did like Keri Hilson and Pink, but Lea Michele was the winner for me:
She looks amazing! her legs look so long and toned, the dress fit her just right and she didn’t over do it which I love

Now there was a bit of a tie for worst dress. Britney Spears, what were you thinking? I really like Britney but she looks like a fish caught in the net. This is a horrible outfit. Why would you ever wear so much netting? fish net and a mesh long sleeve, dress (or whatever you want to call it)??

Then, we have Snooki, of MTV’s Jersey Shore. This is Forever 21 gone wrong. Ladies, if you have problem areas there’s something called SPANX, and her boobs are way too big for the dress.
So needless to say this does not fit her body right.


I think it’s super important that a person feels good in what they’re wearing and shows confidence. Lea looks like she knows she’s amazing where as Britney and Snooki don’t look as comfortable.

What do you think??



~ by jeanineandgabbie on February 1, 2010.

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